Kuwahara Senkei School of Ikebana

The school of flower arrangement known as the Kuwahara Senkei School of Ikebana was founded by Kuwahara Fushunken Senkei in the Genroku era (late 17th century). This era also produced the great painter Ogata Korin, the incomparable haiku poet Matsuo Basho, the novelist Ihara Saikaku, and Chikamatsu Monzaemon, the playwright known as the "Japanese Shakespeare", and many others whose works live on today as the height of Japanese culture.

The first generation Senkei was a master of the oldest form of flower arrangement called "Rikka", but he was also a person of wide knowledge and made free use of the botanical knowledge of his time to produce an eight-volume work called "Rikka Imayo Sugata". His views on "Kado", or the Way of Flowers, which are recorded there, are still appreciated today and have great influence on the world of flowers.

The Grand Master of the Kuwahara Senkei School of Ikebana strives to carry on the colorful traditions of the Genroku era, as well as the scholarship of our founder, with respect for history and a desire to continue to manifest the elegant form of expression that has been handed down to us.

The real heart of Ikebana lies in the love of the human spirit for nature. How can we best express that love? The teaching of this skill, with the knowledge that has been handed down to us - as simply and as directly as possible, has been the aim of our family for over three hundred years.

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Kuwahara Sensai

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Kuwahara Senkei

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